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Date: 9 July 2002
Summary: Great movie, Jessica Alba's first role

This is a fantastic movie. I first saw it at 20 years old and remembered all the fun things I did as a teenager. This movie makes you want to reclaim your lost youth. Why couldn't they have cool stuff like that when I was their age?

After Dark Angel was canceled by Fox, I checked this web site to see what else Jessica Alba had starred in. I was surprised to find out that this was Jessica's first movie. Way cool! She has only one or two lines, but she does pop up plenty of times and adds plenty of atmosphere to the film.

A good one to watch with the family, but make sure that your kids don't get any ideas.





Todd Huntington
New York, New York

Date: 17 June 2002
Summary: Better than Citizen Kane?

Well, even though it might not measure up to the level of brilliance as Citizen Kane, but it's up there in the top 10 of all time. This film, not only exhibits pure hilarity, but also showcases some of the best young talent around. Fifty years from now, film professors will be lecturing on how the performances of Jonathon Jackson and Andrew Keegan had forever changed drama. Camp Nowhere not only provides excellent acting and side splitting laughter, it also showcases social commentary. The director wanted to make sure who's in charge, and that's kids, of course. The hidden theme of "Kids will always triumph over adults" will always stand the test of time. Without a doubt, one of the greatest films ever to grace theaters across the nation. My Score: 10 out of 10!





Ian Witham (
Carmarthen, Wales

Date: 7 June 2002
Summary: It ain't Citizen Kane

Some of the people who have commented on "Camp Nowhere" claim it is the worst film they have ever seen. Well, I would be amazed if anyone claimed it was the best, but it is certainly not the worst.

You get to see lots of familiar faces in unfamiliar places: Captain Janeway from the U.S.S. Enterprise is one of the moms, Nicole Farrell from "Something So Right", Amy Szalinski from "Honey I Shrunk The Kids: The T.V. Show", Melody Kay from "Never Ending Story III", and (if you look carefully) The Dark Angel is one of the girls, and Joey from "10 Things I Hate About You" is one of the boys.

There is a pointless and dreary sub-plot about van Welker's love for the doctor who treated Mud's arm, but I think most of the film is funny. There is physical comedy and verbal comedy.

The kids try to buy beer, a familiar incident in American movies about teenagers, but it is done better than usually. I like Trish proving that it is 1985. If you do not understand that reference, watch the film.

Christopher Lloyd is usually too manic for my taste, but either he is more restrained than normal, or his style suits his character.

The costume designer did a great job, picking the right look for every character.

"Camp Nowhere" has dated, but that is not a bad thing. It was made in the 90's, and it shows. It is not a documentary, but I think we will watch "Camp Nowhere" many years from now and it will remind us of the good old days. I would certainly buy the DVD.





Craig MacDonald (
Blairgowrie, Scotland

Date: 4 April 2002
Summary: A great feel good movie 

"Camp Nowhere" is just one of those movies that you KNOW will be a feel good movie from the very start. I saw it during an Easter holiday just 2 hours ago. Although its a 8 year old film its insanely great. It follows the tale of 4 kids out to trick their parents and have the best summer at their own camp. It has everything a great movie needs. Just watch it because it will make you feel tingly inside. 






Date: 27 March 2002
Summary: Its a cool family movie

I grew up in my pre-pubescent years watching this movie and loving Andrew Keegan, its one of the best kids escapism movies around and I'd recommend it for other kids too. I mean who didn't want to be one of those kids at a camp with no adults and a stash of money. Good fun





Date: 25 February 2002
Summary: A Masterpiece in Family Cinema

This movie is great! I saw it when it came out in 1994 and I still rent it on video.

The movie is about a group of young kids who are fed up with the camps their parents are making them go to. Trish is being sent off to theater camp, Gabby is being sent to a camp for fat people, Zack is being sent to military school, and Mud is being sent to computer camp. When walking home from school one day, Mud and the others come up with a plan to create a camp of their own. But the only problem is that they have no adult to supervise them. So they turn to Dennis Van Welker played by Christopher Lloyd. He agrees to stay with them for the summer as long as they pay him. Everything is all set except for when the word gets around school about their plan. So now, they have to take anyone who wants to come. While at the camp, they have a ton of fun, but the town sheriff is on their case and begins to get suspicious about them. The big surprise comes at the end when they discover their parents are expecting parents day. So now they are all together in putting together a precise parents day without screwing up.

I think that this movie is a masterpiece in family cinema. It has a good script, good actors, and good fun!! It's suitable for ages 8 and up. Rent the movie on VHS. Hopefully there will be a DVD available for it soon. 4 stars for Camp Nowhere!






Date: 29 May 2001
Summary: Simple summer entertainment.

When I go to see movies, I generally go with specific expectations. 'Space Cowboy's basic premise, for instance, was not plausible but it provided an enjoyable evening of watching for my wife and I, seeing stars we enjoy having fun doing this movie. If it had been filmed with the seriousness of 'Schindler's List' it would have failed miserably.

'Camp Nowhere' was never meant to be anything except a pleasurable distraction. It provides a couple of hours of escape from our everyday lives, giving us a chance to laugh and relax. The film is not high art, or a work of social conscience. It is entertainment - pure and simple. The film has a simple set-up, and lets it imagination run with it. And that is why I enjoyed it.





Liverpool, ENGLAND

Date: 21 May 2001
Summary: Mediocre Kid's Movie

This has to be the most boring movie I have ever seen. How could all the other comments writers rate this so high? It was so predictable, very lame and utterly boring! I sat through this movie once and I'm not sure how I did! I suppose younger children might find this fun and laugh at the gags, but if you're over 15 like me, you will find this out to be a predictable, mediocre comedy. Awful! 1/10





Somewhere in Minnesota at the liquor store

Date: 11 November 2000
Summary: CAMP NOWHERE a winning comedy!!!!!

Me and my friends love this movie. It's hilarious. Made me feel like a kid again what with all the summer camp motifs. My friend Tommy says it reminds him of his camp he went to for about five years when he was a younger kid. We put this on at the liquor store on the VCR here and watched it from beginning to end. Even the customers liked it. It kind of calms them down when they are buying alcohol. Christopher Lloyd is so funny. The soundtrack rocks too. They don't make them like that anymore, it's all that Korn sounding stuff. My name is Todd M. and I give this 4 stars!!





Someone from somewhere

Date: 9 April 2000
Summary: this movie is so awesome!

I saw this movie the day it came out on video 5 years ago, I was 10 or 11. Of course, being a kid, I loved it. Any kid could love this movie. I then rented again 5 years later, 15 year old. I love it still!! How can you NOT love this movie?? It's full of light-hearted comedy and a fantasy every kid has but never enough nerve to fulfill. "Camp Nowhere" is about 4 kids being forced to go to camp, Zack, the troublemaker, has gone to military camp since birth probably. Trish is forced to go to acting camp, Gabby is forced to go to fat camp (even though she is not fat at all), and finally Mud has to go to computer camp. They seek help from the eccentric former drama teacher Dennis (Christopher Lloyd) and they pull off an alternative camp where they can be free all summer. The word gets out and they have no choice but to bring along 30 other kids. But after weeks of a fun filled summer, it backfires and the parents are persistent about visiting. So they have 2 days to pull of the greatest scam of all time. Fun for the whole family. Starring: Christopher Lloyd of the Back to the Future movies, Jonathan Jackson of "General Hospital", Andrew Keegan of "10 Things I Hate About You" and Wendy Makkena of "Sister Act". I give Camp Nowhere 10 stars!!





Lieke (

Date: 7 March 2000
Summary: A very nice teen-movie

I saw Camp Nowhere on TV. I watched the movie on a Saturday, when the TV is practically mine. I just wanted to watch a stupid film, but later on I found out that it wasn't that bad. So I actually watched it with a big smile on my face, but it doesn't say nothing. I really love stories with a happy ending. Like when they get each other and so on.... I hope you have much fun watching this movie!





Victoria, BC

Date: 5 August 1999
Summary: Not worthless, but...

I wasn't bored by this movie, but I did find it lame and quite predictable. It did appeal to the child in me - yes, if there was a camp like this when I was young, I would have loved it.

The only genuinely funny bit is the "Tennessee for tots" skit, but that comes near the end.





Deltona, Florida

Date: 23 July 1999
Summary: "If IMDb would let me submit a thousand votes, I would give a 1 every time!"

Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! And that's putting it lightly! What nerve! "Camp Nowhere" dares to hide under the guise that it is a comedy starring Christopher Lloyd! This is no more than a rebellious kiddy flick (gag!), with Lloyd making an occasional (lame) appearance! If IMDb would let me submit a thousand votes, I would give it a 1 every time! It was a thousand-fold awful! 






Date: 8 June 1999
Summary: A bunch of kids, fed up, decide to run away for the summer

Boy, if this could ever happen in real life. A basic paradise, unsupervised (unless you count a kooky Christopher Lloyd), a bunch of kids, fed up with their forced lived, rebel and decide to make their own camp. Total fun, I definitely dug it.





Jenna (

Date: 8 January 1999
Summary: Camp Nowhere ROCKS!!!

I would like to say that Camp Nowhere is the best movie that anyone has ever made. It has a lot of babes in it including: Andrew Keegan, Kellen McLaughlin, Jonathan Jackson, Mooky Arizona, Devin Oatway, Ian Christopher Scott.

Kellen McLaughlin and Andrew Keegan are the biggest babes and I am their biggest fan so all you girlies out there that think that you are their biggest fans think again!!





Reno, NV

Date: 12 August 1998
Summary: Way better than it seems

Camp Nowhere is, if nothing else, a wonderful guide for actors on how to play many parts in one movie. Christopher Lloyd does a wonderful job playing at least 8 different characters. Each is unique and believable as well as wonderfully comic. Jonathan Jackson, best known for his role on General Hospital, plays at least two other characters besides Mud Himmel. Both do a wonderful job. 

The movie itself is always teetering on the edge of formula fare, but somehow manages to avoid falling in. Each time I expect a formula solution, the movie surprises me with a new and funny twist. Comic timing is wonderful and young Nathan Cavaleri, who plays Steve, is the one on the guitar in "Summertime Blues" and "Working on It." 

Watch this movie!


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