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Continuity: Zack's hands switch from inside his pockets, to outside, then back again while he is standing on the rock yelling for everyone to shut up.

Continuity: When Mud and Gaby are in the bus, they are talking about growing up and dating. In the front shots Mud is laying back in his bean bag, but in the reverse angle shots, he is sitting upright on the edge of the bean bag.

Continuity: When Gabby's mom comes to the camp, Gabby's hair alternates from straight down the side of her face to in front of her ear between shots.

Errors in geography: When the two girls are arguing over whether to blow up Minneapolis or Milwaukee they finally settle on Milwaukee. But when they blow it up, the TV shows a shot of northern Minnesota (Duluth).


Audio/visual unsynchronized: When mud and his friends were talking about how they were going to get to the camp Walter rings the door bell. They answer and talk to Walter. He promises not to tell anyone that they are planning to make the summer camp when mud asks him who'd he told. You can hear an "uh oh" made by Gaby but her lips don't move. You can clearly hear it and tell that it is her voice 

Factual error: When Dennis tried to stall the cop by going through the carwash with him and he gets sprayed by the hot wax he comes out with wax all over his body, but afterwards there are no scalds or burns on his body.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: Morris "Mud" Himmel says "You Idiot" to Walter. That's 3 to 4 syllables. His mouth performs no more than 2. 

Continuity: Mud gets burned by a flare when he rides his bike towards the lake. Four kids gather around him as he lies on the jetty. One kid in a red baseball cap kneels at his feet. In the subsequent shots, he's behind Mud, then at his feet, then behind him again. 

Continuity: Mud is sitting on the hood of a car with Zack when Trish comes into the garage. From shot to shot, Mud has his hands clasped together then far apart. 

Factual error: The twin girls play a war game on the computer and the display shows the Defense Condition i.e. the state of readiness of US forces. The display incorrectly shows the word DEFCOM. It should be DEFCON. 

Revealing mistakes: None of the many cops in this movie are wearing badges. They have name tags and clean pressed uniforms, but no badges!

Factual error: As the kids are making the arrangements at the camp, they hear military jets fly by. The camp's owner tells them that there is an Air Force base nearby. Later, as the kids start moving into the camp and the rules are being laid down, the jets fly over again. A camera close-up reveals that the planes are F/A-18 Hornets; you can tell from their twin canted tail fins. However, the Air Force doesn't fly Hornets, only the Navy and Marines do. 






Mud is telling all the kids how to write their letters home to their parents. Tim throws a piece of paper at Mud. Then Mud shouts "Zack your gonna put someone's eye out!". If you look closely Zack is not in that scene at all. 


It isn't clear what he says before "your gonna put someone's eye out!" as it's quite a noisy scene, but if it's anything, it probably isn't Zack. 1) Zack didn't throw the piece of paper, so what reason would he have for saying his name? 2) He isn't in the shot, so again, what reason would he have for saying his name? Such an obvious mistake would never have made it past the screenplays editors, who surely would have noticed these two errors.




In the Trailer for Camp Nowhere when they where passing out the omelets, there was a popcorn omelet, but in the actual movie it was nowhere to be found! 

This happens in a lot of movies, usually because when they make the previews, they aren't done editing the picture. After they have already aired, the scene is cut from the movie. Too bad eh?




When they are all sitting around the campfire Zack tells Steve to put his cello on the fire. But if you look closely his lips don't move. 

The voice that shouts out "Hey, Steve, throw in your cello!" isn't Zack's voice, if you listen closely. It's a higher voice, so it definitely could have been someone else (who we couldn't see) saying it. 




When the kids get to Camp Nowhere, they start buying truckloads of toys and games. Although the parents agreed to pay for camp, the money collected couldn't of possibly supported all of their purchases. 


Each kid put in $3,000, and there was a bus-load of kids, at least 20 maybe as much as 40.  That's at least $60,000! If that wasn't enough to buy everything, it surely would have been enough to rent it all for the two months, which they might have done.






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